Eugene Han

The Media Studies programme provides a wide range of courses that explore various methods in the production of design, covering fabrication, visualisation and information techniques. The studio-based courses offered by the department are intended to both complement and act independently from undergraduate units providing students with an opportunity to explore the possibilities of available media within an integrated curriculum, and to materialise and reinvent their design approach in architecture. This year’s courses range from digital information processing, video, photography and drawing to rapid prototyping. In addition to studio-led courses the department also administers digital skills-based courses focusing on major applications to help students quickly and effectively learn contemporary tools and develop their architectural ambitions.

While Media Studies are a compulsory part of the curriculum in the First Year and Intermediate School, the programme draws the participation of students from across the entire AA. This widespread integration of students from a highly diverse set of backgrounds allows for a participative discussion through production techniques. Beyond the studio courses provided by Media Studies, the department also offers workshops that quickly introduce students to contemporary applications and fabrication techniques to reinforce and inspire their conceptualisation process in architectural design. The department is composed of staff from a wide range of expertise, from architecture to the arts and technology. This diversity allows for a comprehensive and established collection of courses that helps to equip students with vital skills relevant to contemporary means of production in architecture.

Department Head

Eugene Han


Department Staff – Core

Charles Arsène-Henry

Shany Barath

Sue Barr

Valentin Bontjes Van Beek

Shin Egashira

Elif Erdine

Trevor Flynn

Anderson Inge

Max Kahlen

Alex Kaiser

Tobias Klein

Immanuel Koh

Heather Lyons

Antoni Malinowski

Marlie Mul

Joel Newman

Goswin Schwendinger


Department Staff – Lab

Ran Ankory

Christina Doumpioti

Chris Dunn

Andres Harris

Pavel Hladik

Joshua Newman

Edgar Payan Pacheco


First Year Video

One-Minute Animation
Joel Newman

Students will make a one-minute
animation (1500 discrete frames) that
plays with scale and disrupts perspectival
space. ChromaKeying, Motion,
AfterEffects and HD video will be our
weapons of choice.