Theo Lorenz, Tanja Siems

The Postgraduate Diploma in Spatial Performance and Design aims to create and define spatial arrangements and objects through performance and interaction. The studio links creative intelligence across multiple disciplines to achieve unique spatial conditions that generate a lasting interprofessional ethos among participants. By acting as a creative office, the programme stimulates students and professionals from different disciplines to develop a language that connects multiple artistic fields. This year the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio (AAIS) performed flows and movements between body and space based on the theme of water. The resulting multi-sensory installation explored the water movement and offered programming that played on the relationship between body, music and image. 

The AAIS first activated the Roca London Gallery, designed by Zaha Hadid, and created a current of exchange between interdisciplinary creative fields and visitors with three weeks of sound and movement performances, culinary experiences, open workshops and salons. The studio then expanded the project to Matedero – Madrid’s contemporary arts centre. Held from 4–9 June 2013, a permeable and mobile form inhabited the Plaza Matadero and Nave 16 and acted as a live landscape where performances, culinary workshops and musical sessions took place, thus allowing an integration of public participants. Following this programme, the installation will remain at the Matedero public space as both an exhibition and as urban furniture until moving onto the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, opening in September 2013.


In addition to the Roca London Gallery, the Matadero Madrid and the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, this year AAIS collaborated with Roca Madrid Gallery, Roca Lisbon Gallery, Music Technology, Distractfold Ensemble, New Movement Collective, Metamind Visuals and the Fundació Enric Miralles.

Studio Director

Theo Lorenz


Studio Master

Tanja Siems


Studio Tutors

Andy Dean

Jonathan Goddard

Allard van Horn


AAIS Tutors and Lecturers 

Mauricio Pauly

Immanuel Koh 

Steve Webb

Heiko Kalmbach

Joel Newman 

Joe Walkling 

Ariadna Cantis

Edgar Gonzalez