David Greene, Samantha Hardingham

OS 100km Grid Square TQ28: 320ha area of lowland heath located in North London

1 x question: how might architecture be conditioned by the processes and technologies of search and retrieval? 

11 x responses 

0 x airmiles 

1 x bus to Hampstead Heath, NW3 (and back) 

1 x elevator to 100m above sea level Park Lane, W1 (and back)

2880 x pounds sterling – all mobile/internet costs

3 x unrealised architectural conjectures – a variety of optimum responses to designing for the exchange of information: Greenbird Aviary (Cedric Price, 1975), girl-horse-fone (Invisible University, 1976), Enamel Garden (Jean Dubuffet, 1974) 

36 x film sketches 

11 x nationalities

57,816 x pounds sterling in student-housing rent

196,000 x pounds sterling fee income 

1 x method: film as a sketchbook

400,000 x searches 

3 x exchanges with guests 

11 x supersensible speculations

1 x cultural ramble 

477 x years of students’ combined planetary presence  

3 x minutes of space in which to design

190,080 x text messages

1 x pig-topia

1 x touch-screen terminal  

1 x calculated catastrophe

1 x archive of an unrealised city

1 x secret heath

1 x anticipatory sponge garden

1 x accelerated data-grazing

1 x digital death game

1 x butterfly house

1 x in vitro restaurant

1 x sound palace

11 x attempts to pursue the approximate

1 x collective pursuit of a multiple aesthetic by means of an unreconstructed visual feast


Intermediate 5 People

James Anicich

Charles Arsène-Henry

Akhil Bakhda

Valerie Bennett

Rich Black

Valentin Bontjes van Beek

Stefana Broadbent

Palma Bucarelli

Barbara-Ann Campbell-Lange

Mollie Claypool

Manuel Collado

Ryan Dillon

Marilyn Dyer

Merlin Eayrs

Sarah Entwistle

Belinda Flaherty

Liza Fior

Rojia Forouhar Abadeh

Kenneth Fraser

Wolfgang Frese

Gabriela García de Cortázar

David Greene

Nara Ha

Samantha Hardingham

Seung Woo Han

Brian Hatton

Juliet Haysom

Andrew Hum

Insoo Hwang

Anderson Inge

Suzanne Isa

Sho Ito

Chris Johnson

Constandis Kizis

Tobias Klein

Kirstie Little

Duncan Macaulay

Bruce McLean

Cheng Feng Men

Alison Moffett

Joel Newman

Christopher Pierce

Elliot Rogosin

Arefeh Sanaei

Jack Self

Paul Shepherd

Toby Shew

Pete Silver

Fred Sirieix

Manolis Stavrakakis

Brett Steele

Sylvie Taher

Justin Tsang

Manja Van der Worp 

Carlos Villanueva Brandt

Sanaa Vohra 

John Walter

Thomas Weaver 

Andrew Hum

Dreams, Machines and the Wilderness explores the New Nature in the form of a facilitated relationship between us and our environment through the machine. It looks at wilderness as a cultural entity that is an idea rather than a physical place. Dreams is explored in the form of illusions and looks at Hampstead Heath as a wilderness illusion and the Machine is the intervention through the reshape the landscape of the Heath.

The project aims to enhance the existing conditions of the Heath Landscape through the proposed Hampstead Heath Dams and Ponds Project. A project initiated by the fear of a catastrophic collapse of the dams in an event of a major storm.

In response to the aims of enhancement, the design proposal is to stage an event of the utmost intensity possible on the Heath, that of which it fears most, the Flood.