Alex Lorente

Members of the Architectural Association are a part of an inspiring and dynamic community. AA Members globally are professionals, alumni, students, researchers and academics from many fields, who share architecture as an interest. Members are involved in the life of the AA in many ways: organising and enjoying trips and events, volunteering time and expertise and supporting students in need, as well as accessing many benefits.

AA Membership brings immediate connection with more than 5000 other Members. This is a chance to extend your sphere of contact laterally, globally and virtually. AA Membership now has the capacity to grow with you in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Head of Membership

Alex Lorente


Membership Co-ordinator

Jennifer Keiff


Membership Events Co-ordinator

Joanne McCluskey


Membership Assistant

Bobby Jewell

Alumni And Honorary Events

AA Membership coordinates with members who wish to organise one-off get-togethers such as alumni reunion dinners, parties and memorials. Additionally, the AA holds an annual Honorary Members' Evening for those members whose contribution to the work and development of the Architectural Association or to the education or profession of architects in general, is particularly noteworthy.

The end of year Members Evening is one of the highlights of the membership calendar - a private opening that provides an opportunity to socialise and to view all the work of Projects Review 2013. Students are on hand to answer questions about their work and pizza from Maletti in Soho and ales from Hackney Brewery and Five Points Brewery will be served.