From Ceràmica Cumella: Shaping Ideas – an exploration of the artistic and scientific innovations emerging from the studio of Toni Cumella – to Frozen Relic: Arctic Works – a series of re-fabricated real world scenarios using millimetre perfect 3D scanning technology to stage and capture transitory moments on location across the world – the AA's year-long exhibition programme casts a wide net across geographies, histories and cultures to investigate the realm and role of architecture and its unique relationship to the school.

Head of Exhibitions

Vanessa Norwood


Exhibitions Project Manager

Lee Regan


Exhibitions Coordinator

Sebastian Craig

Iceblinks And Water Skies

Front Members' Room
12/1/2013 - 9/2/2013

Photographs by Nick Cobbing

'The images on display were made during three trips to the edge of the sea ice in the Fram Strait between Greenland and Svalbard. Two of those expeditions were facilitated by Greenpeace, who I joined as expedition photographer, while another trip was made with The Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø. All the expeditions were made via an icebreaking ship.

Some of the images were made from the deck of a ship, or on the rare occasions I was able to walk out from the ship onto the sea ice, usually after the ship had been fixed fast to the ice edge, or driven into it so that it became fixed between floes.

Other images were made from a helicopter launched from the ship’s deck, often with a remote camera that I fixed below the aircraft before the flight. These pictures benefit from a random component where the flight-path and timer switch play a part in choosing the image. In editing those pictures I tried to show the diversity of forms, the complexity of growing and shrinking sea ice.'

– Nick Cobbing

Exhibition photos by Sue Barr