From Ceràmica Cumella: Shaping Ideas – an exploration of the artistic and scientific innovations emerging from the studio of Toni Cumella – to Frozen Relic: Arctic Works – a series of re-fabricated real world scenarios using millimetre perfect 3D scanning technology to stage and capture transitory moments on location across the world – the AA's year-long exhibition programme casts a wide net across geographies, histories and cultures to investigate the realm and role of architecture and its unique relationship to the school.

Head of Exhibitions

Vanessa Norwood


Exhibitions Project Manager

Lee Regan


Exhibitions Coordinator

Sebastian Craig

Yatai Here Yatai There

Front Members' Room
10/11/2012 - 8/12/2012

YATAI HERE YATAI THERE was first seen as a part of the International Architecture and Design Showcase, an initiative of the London Festival of Architecture and the British Council, and created with the festival theme, the Playful City, in mind.

YATAI are Japanese mobile street stalls set up to sell food and other forms of merchandise in cities. The exhibition tells the stories of the journeys of a number of YATAI for the young and young at heart – mobile play-stations.

In YATAI HERE YATAI THERE (YHYT), specially constructed yatai purpose-built for recreation, are used as vehicles for seeing the city through the medium of play. These YATAI have travelled around London and to the north-eastern Tohoku region of Japan offering activities to young people on their way. Each YATAI has returned to the exhibition, each bringing back with it records of particular events and stories from its travels, which unfold as series of moving images, and traces made by the participants themselves to create a family of YATAI-making playful links between local communities over 9000 km apart.

Photos by Sue Barr