From Ceràmica Cumella: Shaping Ideas – an exploration of the artistic and scientific innovations emerging from the studio of Toni Cumella – to Frozen Relic: Arctic Works – a series of re-fabricated real world scenarios using millimetre perfect 3D scanning technology to stage and capture transitory moments on location across the world – the AA's year-long exhibition programme casts a wide net across geographies, histories and cultures to investigate the realm and role of architecture and its unique relationship to the school.

Head of Exhibitions

Vanessa Norwood


Exhibitions Project Manager

Lee Regan


Exhibitions Coordinator

Sebastian Craig

Temporary Services: Public And Mobile Phenomena

Front Members' Room
23/2/2013 - 22/3/2013

The artist group Temporary Services presents over ten years of photographic research into street phenomena. From roadside memorials to mobile advertising, Public and Mobile Phenomena documents urban and rural public spaces that have been claimed, modified, or reinvented with ad-hoc uses of everyday materials and forms of public expression.

Photos by Sue Barr